Christmas Jazz Band/ Concert Band Charts for sale.

Over the many years I’ve been playing music, whether on guitar or trumpet, or all the way back from my high school years, through my college years, and to my present position as a Navy Musician, it seems like every Christmas season it’s a struggle to try and find well written, fun Christmas charts for jazz band.  Whatever jazz band (big band) I’ve played in, the director was always on a mad scramble to find good charts to bring in for the band to read down.  He was usually looking for a chart that had been recorded by some artist recently but wasn’t available in sheet music yet.  So then he would usually ask one of the guys in the band (most of the time, ME) to do a transcription for the band.  In addition to the new transcription we would bring in, I could probably name you the 2 or 3 charts over the years that keep reappearing as well, 2 of which I’ve been playing since high school.  I’ve also never been in a jazz band that played an entire Christmas program on a concert.  It’s usually the jazz band playing about 2 – 3 tunes right in the middle of the wind ensemble/ concert band Christmas concert.  Ironically in most cases, (at least in my personal opinion) the audience seems to enjoy the jazz band portion a lot more.

So throughout the years I’ve written several Christmas tunes.  A  few original Christmas tunes which I’ve orchestrated into either a full jazz band arrangement or a rock band with horns version.  I’ve also written a few big band arrangements of popular Christmas tunes.  I even had a special request by my band officer in the Army Band to orchestrate my big band version of “Carol of the Bells” for the concert band with rhythm section.  I was actually quite pleased with the way it turned out once we got the flutes, clarinets, and french horns to start swinging in the shout chorus.  Ha Ha

On the Jazz Charts page of my website I have 3 of my Christmas jazz band charts for sale.  One is actually my concert band with rhythm section version of “Carol of the Bells.”  Please stop by and check them out.  Each chart has a write up describing the style of the chart, solo opportunities, instrumentation, as well as a PDF sample of a score page and an audio sample that will stream right from my website.  If you like and decide to purchase the chart, I’ve made it very simple and hassle free to buy.  Just click the “add to cart” button for the desired tune and it will bring you to a checkout where you can pay with PayPal.  Once you’ve payed you’ll be able to download a zipped/ compressed (for faster transfer) PDF file of the score and all the parts which you can print at your leisure.  Just think, with your own PDF file, there will be no hassle of replacing lost parts, or making copies of your originals to help prevent lost parts.

Keep checking back, I will put several more of my Christmas charts up soon.  I also have a couple (soon to be lots more) of my other jazz charts up for sale, but that’s a conversation for a different blog post.

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