In this guitar lesson we follow up from the last lesson with the blues scale (minor pentatonic) and I show you a good way to practice it using Triplets.  Triplets (or patterns of three) are a commonly used rhythm in music.  Practice the pattern I show you up and down the scale and remember to start slowly and then start clocking up the speed on your metronome.  If you need the TAB for this scale or need to learn the scale check out the last lesson I posted #1 Blues Scale before trying to tackle this lesson.  Remember to have fun with this as you go along.  Also, if you haven’t got your 5 free songs yet, go to my DOWNLOADS page and check them out.  Have fun!

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» Greg London said: { Apr 18, 2010 - 02:04:02 }

Cool blues lick, I like it, I think it will work well on trumpet.