This video is the preface to my free guitar lesson series I’m starting on my website via You Tube.  I briefly explain what to expect and what you can get out of this lesson series.  I welcome all of your comments on these video lessons either here or on my You Tube channel.  Please let me know what you thought of the videos, did I explain the subject to your satisfaction, was I close enough to the camera to see what I was doing, do I need to slow or break things down even further?  All of these type comments will help me when I post more lessons to video.  Also, let me know if you would like to see or learn something else that I haven’t touched on in these videos.  The level of this series is from the mid range beginner to the more advanced intermediate player.  I touch on a couple of more advanced techniques here and there, but nothing too complex.  Remember to start slow and then gradually get faster and most importantly, HAVE FUN when you are practicing.  If you get frustrated, put it down and come back to it later.  That’s why we create music in the first place, because it’s fun, right?

Please stop by from time to time and see what’s new on Verville-Music. Also, if you haven’t done so already, make sure to get your 5 free songs from my DOWNLOADS page.  Take care and happy practicing.

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