In this video I will take the lick I showed you last time in Video #10  and do a slight modification to get even more tonal variety from the same basic technique.  If you’ve checked out more than a couple of my videos now, you probably have noticed that I like to get more mileage out of these techniques and licks.  All the hard work goes into learning the new technique or lick and getting your fingers to work for you.  So while your there, why not try and figure out every different way you can modify it, twist it around rhythmically, speed it up, slow it down, whatever comes to mind to get you more tonal and rhythmic variety from the same basic technique.  It’s just smart practice is all.  Then once you’ve taken a lick as far as you think it can go, move on to the next hurdle in your quest for great playing.  Once again, like any new technique, start slow and then start clocking the tempo up on the metronome.  If you can’t play it slowly, you surely just going to get frustrated trying to play it fast.  If this is new to you, check out Video #10 where I explain the basic mechanics of the lick before this modification.  Have fun!

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