Scott Verville shows you the 3 note per string major scale pattern in this video guitar lesson.  There are several different patterns for major scales on the guitar and I suggest you go ahead and learn all of them eventually.  Right now though, we will be working with the 3 note per string major scale.  (See the example to the LEFT for the finger pattern)  In this video I show you the scale pattern, and in the next 2 videos I will show you a great pattern to practice it so you can start blazing the scale as you get more familiar with it.  We will be working in the key of B Major.  So looking at the pattern to the left, make sure to put your first finger on the “B” note on the 6th string (or the 7th fret on the 6th string).  Notice how each 2 strings mirror each other.  This is why I started with the major scale pattern to teach 3 note per string scales.  This pattern is very user friendly and you will be able to master this easier than other scales.  Remember to start slow and then start building up your speed.  When you feel you know the scale well enough, then go to the next video where I’ll show you a great pattern to start practicing for a cool speed lick.

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