Scott Verville talks and demonstrates in this guitar lesson how we can play with the time by using the Hemiola, or by displacing the accent to get more mileage out of a simple guitar lick.  If done properly, you can turn the most basic of licks into some of the coolest lines you’ll play on the guitar.  The key to this technique is TIME!!  Understanding where the beat is and where you are within the time or the measure.  It’s KEY that YOU keep the beat and stay in time when you do this, or else it’ll sound like you have no clue what you are doing.  However, when done properly, it creates one of the coolest rhythmic techniques that we have in music.  Watch the video where I show you the lick, and explain how we’ll play it using this concept.  Make sure to practice with a metronome or a drum pattern so you can see where the line you are playing falls within each measure as you play it.  The next two video lessons will deal with this same concept, but I will give you two more very easy to play, hip licks for your arsenal.  Have fun.

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