In this lesson Scott Verville shows you how to use vibrato in your guitar playing and explains why the use of vibrato can help you sound like a more experienced guitar player.  You will see from the different examples that I play for you that using vibrato will help you sound like a more experienced/seasoned player.  By developing this technique into your playing, you and your audience will hear the results right away.  I think this is one of the easiest techniques that can launch a beginner/ mid-level player into sounding like a more advanced player.  As you’ll see in the video, if you just sit on a note and let it sustain without putting any kind of vibrato on it, it doesn’t really sound good.  However, when you add vibrato to the notes you sustain it gives that note shape and thus you are creating better music.  Remember, every note you play should have meaning and purpose.  It’s not always about endless shredding!  You have to create interesting melodies in your solos and when you sustain that long note at the end of a cool phrase or lick, putting vibrato on it will make that run you’ve just played sing to your listeners.  Just as a reminder, if you go to my DOWNLOADS page you can get 5 of my songs for free, one of which is a guitar solo tune, in my version of “House of the Mountain King.”

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