Scott Verville shows you an easy to learn pattern to practice the 3 note per string major scale in this video guitar lesson.  Playing a rhythmic pattern in multiples of 6, ascending and descending, you can get ready for clocking up the metronome and blazing this scale.  This exercise is a very simple finger pattern that plays right off the 3 note per string major scale pattern.  Remember, start slow and then clock up the metronome as you get the feel for the pattern.  Also, if you’d like to check out a practical application of this pattern, go to my DOWNLOADS page and get the 5 free songs.  In “Time Flies” part 1, I use this exact pattern pattern but with a 3 note per string Dorian scale in the key of “C.”  Try and learn all your 3 note per string patterns for all the modes and you’ll be able to apply many patterns like this one and be able to work up to great speeds, which is one of the benefits of the 3 note per string scale.

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