I’m Coming Home(A Sailor’s Song)/Coming Home-TV Show?

Imagine my feeling of irony when I was called into the living room a few weeks ago to see what my wife was watching on TV.  The show entitled “Coming Home” on the Lifetime Network (episode 2: “Daddy’s Little Girl”), was about a surprise reunion of a 12-year-old girl with her Navy father she hasn’t seen in months at the violin concert of her dreams.  The other stories in this episode were about 2 Fort Campbell, KY Soldiers returning home to surprise their children after a long tour of duty.  Of course all the stories in the episode were very touching and after the show my wife immediately got online to check out more about the show.  She found that all the episodes were about these type of homecomings and that there was also a large community contributing on their website as well.

This brings me to the main topic of this post.  My wife was so moved by my song “I’m Coming Home” (A Sailor’s Song) I wrote for her while I was deployed out to sea, that she (without my knowledge) wrote to the show’s producers telling them all about our reunion and about the song I had written for her.  We had a few pictures of our reunion, but probably not enough to actually be part of the show.  However, she went on and on about the song I had written for her, and how ironic it was that it dealt with the exact subject matter as their show.  She asked them to watch the video I made for “I’m Coming Home” on my You Tube Channel and see if they would consider using my song for background music on an upcoming episode the next time they had a story about a Sailor coming home.

Almost 7 weeks later now, she tells me everything and that she hasn’t got a reply yet, but she’s keeping her fingers crossed.  Well I just have to say, WOW, what an incredible woman I married!!  Thanks babe, you are the BEST!!  Even if nothing comes of this, just the thought of what you did is enough.  However, I know how hard it is to actually get your music out there, etc…

Which brings me to:  If you’d like to help out, just click this LINK, then click the email link provided on their page, or just email the producers directly from here by clicking militaryshow@rrstaff.com. Ask if they’d consider using my song as background music for an upcoming episode.  Especially one that deals with a Sailor coming home.  Also, please feel free to go to my post on “I’m Coming Home” (A Sailor’s Song) and download my song for yourself at the bottom of the page.  As always, thanks for stopping by and taking your time to read this blog post, and if you decide to help us out, thank you very much!

I know it’s been six long months, that I’ve been out to sea
Took this oath to support and defend, do my part for the country
Makes coming home, that much sweeter, when your so proud of me
You understand and support what I do, so we can all remain free
“I’m Coming Home”

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