Just Do It

The other day when I was transferring some of my old VHS tapes to DVD, I ran across a video I did while I was attending UCF . I got in this mood where I was trying to save some¬†nostalgia¬†before the all my video tapes completely turned to dust. One of the tapes I ran across was “Just Do It.” My best friend and I wrote this song together back in the day and had the band we were playing in at the time record it at Full Sail. Full Sail was a university for sound engineers and they needed local bands to come in and record so their students could get hands on experience. So let me get this straight. You mean I can record in a state of the art studio for free, with a group of students working on their final project for graduation and get discounted final mix sessions with a pro engineer just by participating in this program? Uh, YEAH!!! So my friend and I happily took part and ended up putting out a 6 song CD (cassette at the time, ha ha) called R.S.V.P. which stood for Rod & Scott Vivid Productions. So the story goes that our song “Just Do It” was a big hit with some of the students who were also taking video production classes and contacted us to shoot this video. Oh, I should mention that our song “Just Do It” has nothing to do with the Nike shoe company. A lot of people have asked us that over the years, but it’s just a song about staying true staying true to yourself, your dreams and not giving up.

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