Hello everyone, I am proud to say that I am now endorsed by SIT Strings.

With all the playing I do throughout the week, as well as lots of outdoor (and indoor) gig venues, I was changing my strings at least once a week.  On some weeks, if I had a couple outdoor gigs for instance, my strings were already past it long before day 7 even arrived.  I tried various types of coated strings which did last longer, I’ll give em that, but was never really satisfied with the way the strings sounded.  I wanted to find strings that sounded great, and that would last a full week or more without going dead on me, even if I played a couple outdoor gigs that week.  I was telling my good friend and amazing bassist Byron Santo this one day when we were jammin’, and he gave me a set of SIT Power Groove strings he had lying around to try.  I went home and strung them up and they sounded and felt really good, but I would put them through the paces that coming week with 2 outdoor gigs and tons of rehearsal.  Now usually after a week like that, I’d have to change my strings before my Sunday morning church gig, but as I was practicing Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised that these strings were still sounding great and staying in tune.

After talking with Byron again, he put me in contact with the SIT Strings Endorsee Rep, and the rest is history as they say.  I’ve tried numerous sets of their strings now (electric & acoustic) to check out the variety of sounds I can get, and the playability of the strings.  I’m really impressed with all the strings I’ve tried so far, but must say I keep coming back to the Power Wound strings.  For my taste, I just love the sound and feel of this set.  If you haven’t tried SIT Strings yet, do yourself a favor and go check them out.

I’d like to thank SIT Strings for the endorsement and look forward to making years of great music together.

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