Skinny Girls (The 80’s Version)

The other day I was transferring some of my old VHS tapes to DVD. I wanted to save some nostalgia before the all my video tapes completely turned to dust. One of the tapes I came across was “Skinny Girls.” I wrote this song the beginning of my senior year (yes, of high school, LOL….) and the band I was in at the time recorded it shortly there-after. Okay, the year was 1987 if you must know, and it was a GREAT year at Lyman High School. I mean come on, this was my senior year! Anyway, we had some success with this song locally. We were played for about 4 weeks on the WDIZ “locals show” (the rock radio station at the time) and they also used the intro to my song as part of their radio promo to advertise the show for about the next 4 months. We decided to shoot a video for the song and try our luck in getting it played on the MTV basement tapes. That was a late night/early morning show that featured some local bands videos from around the country. You remember MTV right? I mean back when all they did was play music videos? Remember, this was 1987, LOL….. So we shot the video, sent it in and never heard a thing. A friend told me he saw it played about 6 months later, but who knows. Nonetheless, we had a great time shooting the video. So here is is, “Skinny Girls” (The 80’s Version). It is quite grainy, but HEY, it was from an old VHS tape I’ve had since 1987.

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