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Christmas Charts/Sheet Music For Sale Great Prices

Posted on October 12th, 2016 by by admin

Hey everyone, Christmas is right around the corner again!  Are you the band director of a high school or college and still looking for a fresh arrangement of a Christmas classic?  Maybe you run a band in town and need an original Christmas tune or a vocal Christmas chart to play this year?  Whatever the case, check out Verville’s Christmas […]

VERVILLE ON INTERNET RADIO WITH “We Came To Party” & “Tutti Frutti Jucci Butti”

Posted on November 17th, 2015 by by admin

Verville on internet radio again with the Verville/Parisi songs “We Came To Party”  and “Tutti Frutti Jucci Butti.”  DJ Brian Paul, host of the Sonic Assault Show for has featured the Verville/Parisi song “We Came To Party” on his show several times now, as well as an interview with Scott.  When Brian Paul learned of Scott Verville’s […]