VERVILLE interviewed for Screw The Holidays VOL2

ROCKWiRED Magazine and interviews Scott Verville for the Screw The Holidays VOL2 compilation CD.  The CD, which is the 2nd rendition, was a MUST DO since Screw The Holidays VOL1 was such a smashing success last year.  Verville’s contribution (which can be found at song slot #7) “The Christmas Blues” is a tongue-n-cheek song about everything that literally drives you batty, crazy and up the wall about the Christmas season.  Appropriately set over a 16 bar blues, it has a driving shuffle groove with blazing guitar licks, horn pops, a saxophone solo and an infectious vocal melody with lyrics that EVERYONE can relate to.  Read the interview HERE and see what inspired Scott to write such a zany tune and find out much more about Scott’s life as a musician.  Verville Music would like to thank Brian Lush of ROCKWiRED Magazine for such a great interview and Jowanna Lewis of Radio KSCR for the song placement on Screw The Holidays VOL2.  You can purchase Screw The Holidays VOL2 through all your favorite internet sites, but here are a couple links (iTunes and Amazon) to give you a head start this shopping season.  I hope you enjoy “The Christmas Blues” and the entire CD, Screw The Holidays VOL2.

Scott Verville

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