VERVILLE ON INTERNET RADIO WITH “We Came To Party” & “Tutti Frutti Jucci Butti”

Verville on internet radio again with the Verville/Parisi songs “We Came To Party”  and “Tutti Frutti Jucci Butti.”  DJ Brian Paul, host of the Sonic Assault Show for has featured the Verville/Parisi song “We Came To Party” on his show several times now, as well as an interview with Scott.  When Brian Paul learned of Scott Verville’s horrific car accident on September 10, 2015, he decided to give a big shout out to Scott and play two of his songs as a get well soon present.  He played a Double Shot of Scott’s music with “We Came To Party”  and “Tutti Frutti Jucci Butti.”  Scott would personally like to thank Brian for the huge shout out and let him know that I am recovering and I will see him back out there in the near future.

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