In this video I show you the guitar technique of producing False/Pinch Harmonics, or Squeals, or Pings, or whatever your favorite name for this technique would be.  I’ve even had a friend/fellow band mate tell me to play the “Gobbler” Scott, and my reply was “WHAT!!!!!!”  LOL…….., he’s a Sax player and didn’t know what to call it, so he has nicknamed my False Harmonics the “Gobbler.”  It’s all about the picking hand in this guitar technique.  Look closely at my picking hand in this video as I try and show you how I turn the pick slightly in my fingers so that it’s almost flush with my index finger.  Then, almost graze the string with the pick and your finger at the same time to produce the pinched harmonic.  Also try and run your pick from the bridge to the neck of the guitar to find different pitches in the harmonic series.  Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top does this a lot in his playing, where he’ll hang on the same note with his left hand, and run his pick down the string pinching different notes in the harmonic series.  Very Cool, and like I’ve said before, why not get more mileage out of every technique you learn right?  Also turn on some gain/distortion when you try these, it will help you while developing this technique.  Oh yeah, and one more thing, like I said in my Vibrato Video, once you pinch the note, do something with it.  Put some Vibrato/Sass on it, nothing is more annoying than a Pinched Harmonic that just sits there.

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